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        Updated  : 2 Jul. 2006      

Not returning to poor old times but for enjoying new wellness. 

Atelier  Non-Electric  pursues  pleasant  and  convenient  life  without  electricity.
It's  our  great  pleasure  if  our  ideas  or  inventions  are  chosen  as  one  of  selections.


Dry Food Maker Sollar Collector for D.I.Y. Solar Oven
Sollar Cooker Oil Lamp Kitchen Scale

Non-electric dehumidifier 

Newly uploaded   

Human  bore  electricity
Electricity  bore  convenience
Convenience  bore  obesity
....Then....I'll  reduce  electricity

Human  increased  electricity
Electricity  increased  CO2
2  increased troubles
.....Then...I'll   reduce  electricity


Reducing electricity reduces convenience
Reducing  convenience  reduces  time
Reducing  time  reduces  money
Reducing  money  reduces  happiness

....Is it true ?



Non-Electric Frig
Built at Mongolian 
Nomad's Gel in 2004


Non-Electric Vegetable
Warehouse Built in
Japanese Monastery
in 2005


Non-Electric Frig
Built in Atelier Non-Electric

Non-Electric Coffee Roaster

Non-Electric Floor Cleaner

Water Purifier
without any disposables


Y.Fujimura"How to Become an Inventor"
published by Fubaisha


19 June '06, Meeting with Ambassador of Senegal 
It was decided that Dr.Fujimura and his team will visit Senegal on September and October '06 for the purpose of Research and Development about "Creation of Independent and Sustainable Industry in Senegal"

24 June'06,Meeting with Mr.Victor who is a minister of Nigeria Embassy
It was decided that Dr.Fujimura and his team will visit Senegal on September and October '06 for the purpose of Research and Development about "Creation of Independent and Sustainable Industry in Nigeria"

25May,2006'Pleasant non-electrification' book version came out
'Delightful Non-Electricity' was published intending taking  easiness to come in the 
mook version of the magazine form two years ago. 
The book version greatly retouched in the mook version was published this time. 

4and9 June,2006Event of Rokkashomura nuclear fuel reprocessing plant stop campaign 
It is an event that responds to musician's Ryuichi's Sakamoto calling. 

2 June,2006The story of non-electrification and the invention is told in elementary 
school science teacher's training association

The story of non-electrification and the invention of the science teacher 
at a private elementary school in Tokyo is told together in the training 

21 June,2006Dr.Fujimura gives a lecture at Arid Land Research Center
Arid Land(Desert) Research Center belonging  to Tottori University is the center of 
desert research in the world.

20 June,2006Dr.Fujimura gives a lecture at National Institute for Research Advancement 
20 May,2006The story of non-electrification is told in the event on the fifth anniversary in Cafe Slow establishment .
5 May,2006"Medicine that worked for despair" (book) was put on the market (non-electrification atelier appears). 
t is volume 7 of the book on the Reiji Yamada popular cartoon series of the serial in the young sunday.
Nine people such as C.W Nicol   appear in this volume. 

April, '06, "Inventor who works on support of developing country by non-
electrical appliances"

It is a publishing article in Tokyo Shimbun, Chunichi Shinbun, and 
the Minaminippon newspaper, etc.  

21 April,'06 "Gentle concert in Zushi to the earth and the mind"
t supports on the earth day.  Fujimura plays a little. 
hidenkaseihin/dehumidifier/original music + image etc. of "Sense of  Wonder" by  Rachel Carson. 

"Shape with new personal computer"
Issue publishing article in March, '06 of Sotocot. It introduces $100 personal 
computer of the United States and a slow personal computer by  Fujimura. 
"Present from pleasant non-electrification and the inventor"
 It is "Horizon of the age" publishing issue preface article in 
February, '06 of "Energy conservation". 

LOHAS Design 15 that Ryuichi Sakamoto chose.
Issue publishing article in January, '06 of icon  Sotocot 
Non-electrification atelier is chosen. 

27Nov.'05, Invention and establishment audition nationwide rally holding
Nationwide audition of "Business model and invention that makes a set". 
Prize one million yen such as one. Invention cheerleaders'
(representative director Fujimura) sponsoring. 

15 Sep .'05Dr.Fujimura lectures on "Leap Frog theory" in United Nations University.

29 Sep. '05Dr.Fujimura tells the story of non-electrification. at Aoyama. 
It is the 4th citizens science course of the citizens science laboratory 

26 Aug. '05 , An interesting picture is published in the Kobe Shinbun evening newspaper. 
As for the dryness of the furnace paper, it is a photograph where the conduct 
oneself where the speed dries in an electric furnace is dry non-electrifying 
slowly when it is usual in the sun though it is a photograph of the 
manufacturing process of non-electrification dehumidifier. 

The biotechnology rest room and the bread grilling boiler were made from "School of the future" project. 
The high school student and schoolchildren became subjects in the mountain of 
the hometown in Irodot outskirts in the Osaka northern part and the biotechnology 
rest room and the bread grilling boiler making, etc. were done. Fujimura also 
cooperated. Real sect that looks for microorganism for biotechnology rest room 
and yeast for bread making from among forest. 
The finale seemed to be held on August 21,'05, and to have arisen to children 
genuine impression. 

The story of non-electrification was introduced to foreign countries. 
The story of non-electrification (Edit it at 30 minutes) is delivered to 150 
countries by 22 national languages by NHK. andnbsp; 
It is NHK? in the country. 4:40 and 9:10 on 05 July 17th 4:10s of year were 
telecasted with BS1 at 9:40. 

Summer tour for Mongolia ended.
25June-9 July, 22members visited mongolia.
The report is uploaded on this home page. 
This tour is reported by TV on 18 Sptember


山田玲司さんの連載漫画 「絶望に効く薬」に非電化工房登場
05年2月1日発売Earth Guardian 2月号掲載記事です  
「非電化工房を直撃取材」(JPG版829KB) (PDF版419KB)


Y.Fujimura "Delightful Non-Electricity "
published by Yosensha
New Version

Non-Electric Hygrometer

Non-Electric Deodorizer

Non-Electric Shaver

Hand Powered Radio

Y.Fujimura "Delightful Non-Electricity "
published by Yosensha
First version




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